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The most beautiful places to experience on foot!

Hidden valleys, waterfalls,

Hot Springs, mountain peaks,

Wide view...

On day hikes We experience the südisländische landscape in all its diversity. We go on hidden paths where we barely meet a man, on mountain tops, from where we can enjoy fantastic views of famous landscapes, far away from the "normal" tourists. We cross small rivers, run vigilantly past seething hot springs, disappear for a time into an exciting gorge, far away from everyday noise. We are stunned by the great waves of the sea at the Black Beach.

In between, the bus brings us to famous places such as Golden Waterfall Gullfoss, Geyser, the old thing site at Thingvellir, Bishop's seat Skálholt and the local museum at Skógar.

The landscape is very varied; Mountains, glaciers, valleys, rivers, sand, moss and grass....


We take about 12 guests on the hike, i.e. it will be a smaller group. The daily stages last up to 8 hours including breaks. We stay all the time in a guesthouse in the countryside, on the farm Vatnsholt, with a nice view over the lake. We live there in a former but newly renovated house, in double rooms with shared bathrooms (ca 3 bathrooms per 5 rooms). In the opposite building is a restaurant, which serves us breakfast and dinner. On the ample we have access to a warm pool and a sauna.
Arrival in Iceland:

The transfer from Keflavík Airport to Reykjavík is self-contained but is included in the price. The participants take the airport from the airport to the city, which drives all hotels and guesthouses. The first night in the guesthouse in Reykjavik is also included and the participants receive a voucher for both the bus transfer and the overnight stay before the trip. For an additional fee it is also possible to organize the pickup from the airport privately, should this be desired by the group. If someone wants to arrive earlier, e.g. to visit Reykjavík or another area, please let us know and we will gladly arrange the accommodation (at the same price as self-booking) and make suggestions for nice itineraries.

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