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Wool Week Programme

This is the program for the year 2024, when the last wool week took place. The 2024 program will be finalized as soon as the Wool Week activities are planned. From the content very similar, only the ranking and compilation slightly different. 

Day 1: 

Arrival, pick-up from Keflavik airport with tour guide. We drive along the southwest coast of the Reykjanes Peninsula and make a short stop at the hot springs in Krýsuvík. Depending on the time of arrival, we also visit the Strandarkirkja church, right on the beach. Afterwards we continue to Hotel Vatnsholt in the countryside in South Iceland (driving time approx. 1 h 45 min). Dinner.

Day 2: 

In the morning we visit the interesting LAVA Centre in Hvolsvöllur and the historic caves at Hella. In the afternoon, the colour exhibition "Litasýning" takes place: coloured sheep are presented at the Árbæjarhjáleiga farm in the riding hall: Breeding prüand fun meeting of the local sheep tusksüchter. Maja Siska, a local hand spinner, knitter and artist, explains theäThe breeding criteria and the special features of this jäof a dangerous get-together. There is homemade food and coffee, fleece sales and much more.

Day three: 

In the morning we visit the historic Thingvellir site. This is also the place where you can clearly see the two continental plates (the North American and Eurasian plates) drifting apart. Thingvellir is also a national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We stop on the way at a tomato greenhouse for lunch and get interesting information about tomato growing in Iceland. Afternoon We visit the most famous natural beauties in South Iceland, the Geysir area with the fountain "Strokkur", the regularßig hotßit pushes water up into the airßt, and the "golden waterfall" Gullfoss. Afterwards we drive to the Secret Lagoon for a swim. 

Day four: 

Today we drive to the beautiful valley Thjórsárdalur, which is adorned with warm autumn colours at this time of year. The route leads along the mighty glacier river Thjórsá, the longest river in Iceland, first to the waterfall Hjálparfoss, which is surrounded by special lava formations. We continue to the waterfall Háifoss, the second highest waterfall in Iceland, and to the small valley Gjáin, a hidden natural pearl Gjáin with many small waterfalls. In this area is also the excavated Viking farm Stöng, which we visit.

Day five: 

We take a tour of the picturesque south coast to the southernmost point of Iceland, the town of Vík, situated on a black sand beach. We visit the famous beach Reynisfjara, enjoy the view of the impressive coastline at the cliff Dyrhólaey and see the waterfalls Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss (where you can walk behind the water cascade).

Day 6: - Day 8: 

During these 3 days the main programme of Wool Week takes place with workshops, exhibitions, knitting meeting at Thingborg Community Centre and open day at Uppspuni. In Thingborg, the knitting café is open all day.

On Saturday evening we will meet for a farewell dinner.

Detailed information about the programme will be online in May!

Day 9: 

In the morning there is a craft market in Thingborg. Then departure towards Keflavik Airport (for late afternoon or evening departure) or drive to Reykjavík. Depending on the departure times, we may make a few more interesting stops.

We are happy to assist with booking an extra night.


In general, it must be assumed that the lectures and workshops will be held in English and/or Israeli.äThe languages in which the courses take place are indicated in the course description.

The evening lectures should not last longer than 30 minutes.


With reservation for changes, e.g. due to unpredictable weather conditions or because of changes in the course schedule.